Liability Insurance

Unfortunately mistakes happen everywhere, even in your company, no matter how good your procedures and processes are. This can have harmful effects on your employees, customers, suppliers or others resulting in liability claims towards your company. This may be in the form of material damage or bodily injury including death and disability.  

However, we have perfect liability insurance solutions to protect you financially from such claims:

Public Liability

Our product is designed to provide coverage against liability claims as per Lebanese law due to material damage and/or bodily injury (including death and disability) to third parties arising from your activities, not only inside your premises, but all over the Lebanese territory.      

Employer’s Liability

The employer is responsible for the safety of his employees. This policy covers the liability of the employer towards his employees. Depending on the activities of the company the policy can be extended to also cover occupational diseases. 

Workmen’s Compensation

This is a special form of Employer’s Liability Insurance. It provides cover against the legal liability of the employer for bodily injuries sustained by their workmen at work (under Lebanese Labor Law, as per Decree D.L 136-1983 in force). The policy indemnifies the holder in case of:

  • Hospitalization
  • Temporary invalidity
  • Partial or total permanent disability
  • Death

It should be mentioned that by the term employee we shall mean: Any Lebanese or foreign employee, on contract or on probation whether registered or not, full time or part time, over 16 years old and no more than 75 years old.

Annual policies are common, but for construction works short-term policies for the period of the contract work are available.

Product Liability

Designed to cover the insured’s legal liability for injury or material damage sustained by purchasers or users of his products. If a company supplies, manufactures, sells or processes products then this type of insurance is strongly recommended. 

Pollution Liability or Environmental Liability 

Pollution Liability Insurance covers any pollution issues that might affect your business (whether industrial, commercial or agricultural). It covers costs related to gradual, as well as sudden and accidental, environmental liabilities. This can include the costs of brown field restoration and cleanup as well as liability for injuries and deaths caused by pollution.

Although this insurance product is not strictly necessary in Lebanon due to the lack of legislation, we morally feel obliged to draw your attention to this major risk as exhibited in Western countries. 

General liability policies used to include pollution liability clauses. But in the 1970s, due to problems surrounding the installation of asbestos, most insurance companies excluded it from their general conditions. 

You may think that your business is too small to worry about pollution insurance, however, many small businesses in the West have ended up facing lawsuits that could ruin them. Even dry cleaning companies, hair salons and restaurants are at risk of pollution liabilities when they store or dispose of their various chemicals.

Professional Indemnity

Also known as PI or Errors and Omissions Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to cover individuals and businesses engaged in professional services from various industries against legal liabilities arising from acts of negligence, error, omission or breach of professional duty during the ordinary course of professional performance.

Traditionally PI was limited to professions such as architects/engineers, accountants / auditors, solicitors, doctors (malpractice), real estate consultants / brokers, insurance consultants/brokers, financial advisors, and surveyors.

Today there are a vast number of ‘new professions’ who require protection against potential errors in fields such as IT, media, testing, translating, counseling, design, therapy, telecoms etc.

Potential claims could involve incorrect designs, breach of copyright, delay, loss of documents, incorrect advice, libel or slander.

The most important characteristics of this insurance solution are:

  • Claims must be made during the policy period. 
  • Indemnity could include the compensatory damages as well as defense cost.
  • The policy covers bodily injuries or material damages.

Directors and Officers Insurance 

Often called D&O, this insurance is designed to protect executives, outside directors, as well as the companies they serve, against liability arising from actions taken in the course of doing business. Think of Directors and Officers Insurance as a management Errors and Omissions policy.

It is unquestioned in today’s business and claims culture that corporate officers and directors face significant exposure based simply on their roles and titles, no matter how effectively, carefully, or in good faith their decisions are made.  

Claims against officers and directors come in many forms, ranging from common law claims for breach of fiduciary duty to shareholder class actions for violations of securities laws. Even when these allegations are baseless, companies - as well as individual directors and officers - may still face significant defense and settlement costs. D&O insurance, in tandem with indemnification, is designed to protect against the legal expenses of fighting litigation, as well as the underlying liability exposure.