The Partners


Elia Haddad - Founding Partner

Haddad brings 18 years of experience within the Dutch insurance industry to HIG. Having been a partner with one of the best brokers in Holland, Haddad founded his own brokerage firm in 2001. Client-orientated, Haddad believes in matching the client to the right package, advising rather than selling. With experience in all fields of insurance, from individual to corporate, Haddad has set up nationwide pension schemes, employee benefit packages and individual policies across Holland. In 2011 he returned to his native Lebanon to open HIG. He has a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Delft.


Georges Bachir - Partner

Georges Bachir is a well-known journalist and politician within Lebanon and brings to HIG a wealth of contacts within the political and social spheres of the country and the region as a whole. Versed in international business and politics, Bachir serves as a political advisor to figures throughout the region.


Marwan Hamade - Partner

Marwan Hamade is the owner of Sogetim, a successful real estate brokerage firm within Lebanon, and his in-depth knowledge of the construction and real estate  industries is of great benefit to HIG’s clients.


Elie Nasr - Business Development Manager, Partner

Elie Nasr’s background is in banking where, for 16 years, he was responsible for Société Générale’s merchant network (POS) for Visa and Mastercard, leading a team of approximately 100 people. He has a degree in Business Administration from LAU, extensive contacts throughout the financial industry in Lebanon.