Health Insurance

There is nothing more valuable to a person than his own body. So why not protect it with the most suitable health insurance? For the self-employed and employees without access to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) this insurance is indispensable, as the costs of hospitalization in Lebanon are exceptionally high.

But even for employees with NSSF it is advisable to take a private medical insurance covering medical expenses that are not, or not 100%, covered by the NSSF. 

Without a suitable health insurance, hospitalization and medical treatment can cause a financial disaster. This insurance, also called medical insurance, is intended to cover the costs of “ordinary” medical care such as hospitalization, diagnostic, endoscopic and surgical treatments, laboratory and diagnostic tests due to illness or accident.  

In the Lebanese market health insurance plans consist of the following parts:

  • In Hospital
  • Out Hospital or Ambulatory (Optional)
  • Prescription of Medicines (Optional)
  • Doctor’s Visits (Optional)

In Hospital

This is in fact the basic cover for each medical insurance product. Some insurers have a financial limitation per year, per medical case and/or per lifetime; others have no financial limitation at all.

The premium depends on the age of the insured, the class of hospitalization (1st, 2nd or 3rd), the chosen deductible ($0, $100, $300 per year etc.), the Hospital Network (Full or Limited) and whether it is with or without NSSF. The scope of benefits is:

  • Medical, surgical or endoscopic treatment requiring uninterrupted hospital confinement
  • All diagnostic and surgical procedures and all treatments not requiring an overnight stay, provided in "one day room unit", such as gastroscopy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, excision of lymph node etc.
  • Emergency treatments
  • Pre-operative tests which are pre-requisite for a good application of anesthesia and are required prior to surgery
  • Physiotherapy related to covered hospitalization
  • Intensive care unit fees
  • Surgeon and anesthetist fees 
  • Open heart surgery
  • Pathology
  • Morgue and burial expenses

Out Patient / Ambulatory

It is advisable to add this additional cover to your In-Hospital cover. Some insurers have a financial limitation of $2,000 per person per year, others don’t have any limitation. Although the most plans only cover 85% of the medical costs involved, some also offer a 100% cover for an additional premium.

The premium depends on the age of the insured and the chosen Hospital Network (Full or Limited).

The scope of benefits consists of:

  • Diagnostic tests which don’t require hospital confinement such as: radiology, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasonography, EEGs, ECGs, audiograms, stress tests, echocardiography, Holter monitoring, Mammography, thyroid glandtests, endoscopic procedures etc.
  • Laboratory tests
  • Medical exams and tests related to maternity
  • Treatments which don’t require hospital confinement such as laser therapy, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and radiotherapy  
  • Physician fees for interpretation of covered tests

Medical insurance products in Lebanon differ in their scope of benefits, limits of coverage, exclusions, waiting periods, the size of the deductible and/or co-payment, for example. As a result, we believe you are better off coming to us so that we may advise you on the product that best suits your situation.