Event Cancellation Insurance

Experience the most important days of your life without a worry in the world, whether you are planning your wedding, your birthday, your anniversary, or any other important event.  With our event insurance products the party can really get started.  Event Cancellation Insurance protects you against the financial consequences of the following events:

  • The event can not take place due to a serious and sudden sickness or death of one of the family members in the 1st and 2nd grade, or due to the non-appearance of the artist /band hired to attend. 
  • The event cannot take place due to a damaged venue (e.g. fire)
  • The party is prematurely terminated due to the previously mentioned events
  • Your guests are seriously injured during the event

Our event insurance can also be tailored to every personal situation to reimburse the costs incurred. Please contact us for a personal consultation.