Car Insurance

Your car is like your baby: it deserves the best and that’s why you spend a lot of time and a lot of money taking care of it. So doesn’t it deserve the best insurance package possible?

We offer the following types of coverage:

Third Party Liability: 

Our Third Party Liability insurance consists of two parts:

Bodily Injury: According to the Lebanese law every motorized vehicle should be insured against bodily injury caused to third parties. This insurance is compulsory by law and it only costs around $43 a year. The insured amount is at least $500,000. 

Material Damage:  You have the option to extend your insurance to also cover material damage caused to other vehicles and properties. Again, the minimum insured amount is at least $500,000, and it only costs around $67 a year. The package also includes the following additional cover, free of charge:

Roadside assistance / towing due to breakdown or accident

Personal accident covers for the driver and passengers in his family, indemnifying them in case of death (±$5,000 p.p.), disability (±$5,000 p.p.) and medical expenses (±$1,500 p.p.)  

The Third Party Liability policy may also be extended to geographical territories beyond Lebanon (Syria, Iraq and the rest of the Arab World - See “Orange Card” below).

Total Loss: 

Under this insurance you car is covered against the risk of total loss of the car due to theft, hold ups (carjacking), fire and accidental collision. We refer to “total loss” when the reparation costs of the car exceed ±65% of its market value. Depending on the insurance company, most Total Loss products also provide third party liability coverage. Road assistance and personal accident coverage is also included free of charge.  An indication premium is 1.5% to 2% of the market value of the car, with a minimum charge of $250 per year.

All Risk: 

The term “All Risk” coverage for motor insurance implies that the policy has both “third party liability” and “own damage” coverage. However, the own damage cover in the Lebanese market is NOT fully comprehensive cover against all risks and does not mean that everything is covered no matter what happens; the specifics depend on the terms and conditions of the product you purchase.

Almost all insurance products in the Lebanese market cover the accidental physical loss or damage to the policy holder’s own car, due to: 

  • Fire (including self-ignition)  
  • Total theft
  • Own damage due to accidental collision or overturning regardless of the cause (including collision with animals)
  • Hold ups (carjacking)
  • Damage to the glass components of the car

The following perils are rarely covered by the majority of the car insurers in Lebanon:

  • Hail, storm, tempest and flood
  • Partial theft 
  • Malicious damage
  • Transit risks 

Some of the additional benefits of the All Risk cover are road assistance, personal accident insurance, use of a replacement car during the repair period, repair in dealer’s workshop and registration fees for the new car in case of total loss. 

The premium is a percentage of the market value of the car and varies from 2.5% to 6.5%, depending on the manufacturing year of the car. 

Some of the benefits of the All Risk cover (fire, own damage) may be extended to Syrian territories by a small number of Lebanese insurers (See “Orange Card” below). 

Orange Card: 

This is additional insurance you may purchase in case you wish to extend your third party liability coverage to geographical territories beyond Lebanon, like Syria, Jordan, Iraq and countries of the GCC.

The premium depends on the chosen period of coverage starting from 1 month to a full year. 

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