Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo: 

We provide adequate insurance coverage for almost any kind of goods and commodities transported locally, regionally or internationally by land, sea and air. 

There are two types of policies:

Voyage policy; 

For clients with a low volume of business. The client must inform the insurance company prior to any shipment. For each shipment a certificate is issued and the premium is calculated and paid.  

Open policy: 

For clients with a high volume of business for all goods falling within the scope of the policy and according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

The policy is usually issued for a period of 12 months. It specifies the general descriptions of the goods, the countries and places to or from which the goods will be insured, the maximum value payable under the policy, etc.

Declarations of shipments and payment of premium can be done either monthly or quarterly or on a case-by-case basis. 

The following types of coverage are available:

  • Clause A: Covers all risks of any loss of or damage to the policyholder’s goods.
  • Clause B: Covers loss of or damage to the insured goods due to fire, explosion, earthquake, general average sacrifice, total loss of the package, jettison and the washing overboard of the goods.
  • Clause C: Covers loss of, or damage to, the goods insured due to fire, explosion, general average sacrifice and jettison.
  • Total Loss: Covers the goods insured in case of total loss only.
  • War Cover: Covers any loss/damage to goods resulting from war and related activities. 

Marine Hull:

This policy provides cover against loss and/or damage to all types of ships/vessels including machinery and equipment (oil tankers, dry cargo carriers, livestock carriers, fishing vessels, pleasure yachts etc.). 

Insurance types are:

  • All Risk: Covers partial loss as well as total loss of the vessel(s). 
  • Total Loss Only: Covers the vessel(s) only in the case of total loss. 
  • Third Party Liability: Covers the holder’s legal liability toward third party(ies). 
  • War Risks: Covers loss resulting from war related activities only.