Money Insurance

This insurance can be taken as separate insurance or as additional cover on Property Insurance. Cash also includes bank notes, all kind of currency notes, coins and cheques (other than pre-signed). The policy provides cover for:

  • Cash in the register
  • Cash in the safe/strong room at the business’s premise (key or code should not be on the premises)
  • Damage to the safe or strong room caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Cash in transit: transported by employees within Lebanon with no interruption between insured’s premises/locations, banks and clients 
  • Cash at the home of the owner and/or employee (possible extension)
  • Cash at the bank’s safe (possible extension)
  • Counterfeit money (possible extension)

The cover is against loss due to any cause (not specifically excluded from policy cover) such as fire, explosion, vehicle impact, aircraft impact, burglary by forcible entry, burglary by hold up, acts of God (earthquake, flood, storm and any similar nature), acts of violence committed on employees in charge of transit as well as loss during transportation due to road accidents and sudden sickness (heart attacks, black outs or unconsciousness).