Motor Insurance

We provide insurance for all kinds of motor vehicles in your company licensed for use on the road. Vehicles include (but are not limited to): private touring vehicles, pickup trucks and vans, trucks, fuel tankers, water tankers, construction and agricultural vehicles, (school) buses and coaches, taxi’s and rental or lease vehicles.

We offer the following types of policies:

  • Third Party Bodily Injury (compulsory by law) 
  • Third Party Material Damage
  • Total-Loss (due to accident, fire, theft and hold up)
  • All-Risk

Vehicles may be insured individually or under a fleet policy that provides a significant premium discount. A fleet policy can be arranged for any number of vehicles above five.

For the privately-owned cars of your employees and their dependents our experienced team can set up a tailor-made scheme, providing an attractive premium discount and resulting in saving hundreds of dollars per employee per year. Your employees can join this scheme on a voluntarily basis.